Why Oral Health Is Important for your General Health?

implants_23There was a doctor when I was a kid, who use to check my teeth and stomach even if I had a fever, really?This makes sense to me now after knowing that our oral health has close relation with overall health of our body. This has been proved by many studies and the data from the Academy of General Dentistry has contributed a lot on this topic. Dr Aubrey Sheiham, professor of Dental Public Health in University College London, quotes that in some countries oral diseases are expensive to treat and they hold the fourth place on the country’s expense list (Oral Health, general health and quality of life, 2005)

Oral health mostly depends on diet and the way we take care of our teeth on a daily basis. Regular checks are vital since oral health is directly linked with stroke and heart diseases. But what if you have been neglecting your teeth and now you have a really painful toothache or missing a tooth and you don’t feel comfortable in having an apple or anything a bit hard to bite.

You can obviously go for a bridge or a denture but you will still have the same problem that you won’t feel this as a real tooth since it is just crown either it is attached to tooth on both sides or the fake tooth is on a frame. What is missing here is the actual root which goes deep into the jaw bone. This is where the implant very useful, for long lasting experience of a natural tooth the implant acts same as the root of a natural tooth.

Dental implant is a metal rod that is planted in your jaw bone by drilling; this will be done under local anaesthesia. So it is important know if your jawbone is strong enough to be drilled and hold an implant. You need to consult a dental implants surgeon to see if you are fit for an implant. If you don’t have the recommended jawbone strength or bone then a process of strengthening your bone has to be done which is called bone grafting. When the implant gets well integrated with your jaw bone you will feel similar to a root of your natural tooth. When the implant is integrated and healed properly (takes 3 4 months). A post which is called abutment needs to be fitted on your implant (implant has internal screw) to hold the fake tooth or crown.

You can find out details on how much dental implants cost.

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