Top 5 Natural Drinks for Weight Loss

scalefootIf you wish to lose weight fast, you need to know the drinks that can help the cause. And, apart from taking dietary supplements, you may also pay strict attention to your workout regime, and daily diet.

Here are the top five natural drinks that can help you lose weight quickly:

Skimmed Milk

Fat-free milk is good to lose calories; drinking it for breakfast can help in reducing calories at lunch time and helps in losing total weight. Milk is the best beverage for those who try to lose weight and cut calories. It is a source of calcium, and a good mineral that helps in losing weight. Calcium can improve weight loss by increasing fat reduction in fat cells.

Heavy Intake of Water

One can cut down 200 calories extra a day by consuming 2litersof cold water. Michael Boschman conducted a study on 14 healthy women and men and found that by consuming 17 oz glass of water, metabolic rates increased temporarily by 30% in 10 to 40 minutes. Drinking water while having food may make us feel full sooner and we are satisfied eating less. For better results, it is recommended to combine somefiberswith water. Sufficient water consumption surely provides the base for a good weight loss scheme.

Vegetable Juice

Juices are a good way to gain energy, lose weight, and detoxify our body from harmful toxins. If we consume one glass of sodium vegetable juice regularly, we can cut our calorie intake. Some studies prove that we will eat 135 calories less than we usually eat. Fruit liquid juice keeps us full and that helps us in losing weight. People who drink juice are likely to get 3 to 5 measures of vegetables a day and will have good levels of potassium and vitamin C. Some researchers say that vegetable consumption helps in reducing appetite too.

Green Tea

Herbal drinksare effective in losing weight. Green tea is a good herbal drink and has more benefits. A number of scientific studies have proved that green tea has weight loss benefits. It is a metabolic stimulant. Metabolism speeds up the rate of calories lost. By drinking green tea, we can cut almost 80 calories a day extra than the usual.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is yet another fantastic herbal drink, which is quite effective in losing weight. It is a homemade drink, which helps to cut down calories. Drinking 3 cups of ginger tea a day gives good results, so include it in your daily diet right away, and say good-bye to coffee and regular tea.

There are many other ways to lose weight, but these five natural drinks are quite effective, and they don’t have any side effects either. Last but definitely not the least, you must keep your metabolism rate on the higher side, to shred off those extra tires on your stomach, and come back to great shape.

Remember, weight loss is not just about somehow losing weight, but also about staying healthy.

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