The latest breakthrough in Resveratrol

resveratrol-red-wineResveratrol is the component derived from Red Wine that was identified as the contributing factor to Red wine’s health benefit. According to the French paradox, French has a very fattening diet however cases of heart disease are very rare in this country. It was later attributed to their regular consumption of red wine. Scientist then probed about what is in red wine that contributes to a healthy heart. .

Benefits of Resveratrol

We have all been reading about the wonders and benefits of Resveratrol. And science doesn’t stop from studying and researching on what it can actually do.

  • Cardiovascular benefits

Resveratrol is discovered to help the heart by preventing plaque build-up in the arteries and as well as reduce it in cases where platelets are already trapped in the valve. Drinking red wine on a regular basis helps the arteries become malleable.

  • Anti-aging

While keeping the heart healthy, resveratrol also promotes longevity. According to recent research Resveratrol also helps slow down aging. It is said to promote certain type of sirtuin that helps prevent development of diseases and delay the aging process.

People who have been drinking wine on a regular basis have claimed feeling more energetic and youthful. Their skin too looks more radiant and showed less signs of wrinkles. But how much red wine should we consume or better yet, how much resveratrol do we need to have a healthy heart and to stay youthful.

The right dose

Since resveratrol is found in red wine we might ask ourselves how much should we drink in order to get it’s full benefit. Moderate drinking on a regular basis has never been a problem for the French, and so for as long as we keep it in moderation drinking red wine on a regular basis is the best thing for us. A glass of wine for women and about 2 glasses for men are considered to be moderate.

For some who can’t drink the wine even when they know it is good for them, there are now so many products in the market right now that has resveratrol in it. However, you have to be very wary about choosing the best product as there are some who makes false claims.

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