Proven and Easiest Way to Beat Off Stress

laughing-collageSo it seems that laughing is the only form of language common and known to all humans. Everyone laughs at a good joke thrown or a good movie watched over together. While you know that you are simply laughing for the joy of what you read, watched or heard, laughing can really be the medicine for you to help you recover from stress and ward off illness.

While we know that laughter activates the brain to respond well. However, researchers conducted a study where subjects are asked to watched humorous movie. All the subjects were hooked up on an electroencephalograph or EEG to monitor the pattern of their brain’s activity. When exposed to something funny, the researchers found out that there were five parts of the brain that were affected: the left and right hemisphere of the brain’s cortex, the brain’s frontal lobe, the sensory processing area of the brain and the motor sensors.

On average, a single person can laugh 17 times a day. Laughter is contagious so there could be more and from the pioneering laughter researcher Robert Provine who is also a behavioural neurobiologist said, laughter sets off other “circuits” in the brain causing more laughter and why exactly laughing is infectious faster than any flu or disease of any kind.

With the growing number of stressed people every day, it’s becoming more and more popular for stress relief sites to bring in self-help. But not all people are in for an exercise or a healthy diet. And certainly not all people have time to do yoga all the time. Even the 15-minute coffee break is spent on coffee and cigarettes. So how do you beats stress the easiest way? It’s by laughing and here’s why.

If you don’t have time to do your exercise routine well and right, do 100 laughs instead. Jarrah Cohen is one of the researchers who found out that a hundred laughs are equivalent to a session of rowing a machine for 10 minutes. More than that, further studies show that laughing effectively workout your respiratory muscles, your facial muscles, your back and leg muscles, your diaphragm and your abs that helps you have it toned flat.

Have you ever heard of laughing therapies with laughter yoga and humor therapies? Well, they actually exist. The American Association for Therapeutic Humor asserts that while a person can harbour negative emotions towards another or something; anger, fear, sadness or even stress, they cannot actually vent it out right away. Laughter however becomes an avenue to release these negative feelings and produce a more positive response in the bring by bringing biochemical changes in the brain that affects the body that means increasing endorphins, which are the feel-good and “love” hormones and stalling the production of the stress hormones like cortisol.

Because endorphins are held in charge of feeling pleasure, it also blocks pain helping more and more people to cope up with both emotional and physical stress. All in all, laughter seems to be your best choice for a medicine when it comes to your overall health. It increases the antibodies in your body to prevent illnesses coming your way. It promotes good heart health by decreasing the possibility of a heart attack and pumping more oxygen into your system. It makes you feel better and shapes you up like exercising too. Most importantly, it helps you beat stress and be off stress faster than any stress relief technique you might have known all your life.

Laughing is just like chocolate it makes you feel good. The good thing though? It’s cheaper than medicines, it’s free for all people and it’s something you can choose and do to be a better you.

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