Encourage healthier food choices by drinking water

fiji_water_tasteWhen we talk about health and food, what comes forth is the chemical make-up of nutrients, constituting various food sources. A larger chunk of health issues arises right at this place. So basically, it’s not just the food we eat that determines our health, but it’s more about consumption behaviors.

Just like connoisseurs of fine dining recommend pairing red wine with red meat and white wine with fish, the combination in which foods are combined demand a lot of each other’s company. A recent study of gastronomy suggested that natural urges play the pivotal role in determining complimentary flavors.

Over here, I would like to mention about the two researches conducted by University of Oregon and Michigan State University. Although, similar in nature, both studied people of different age groups. While one targeted on eating patterns of 60 people in the age group of 19-23, the other study investigated food habits in 75 children between the ages of 3 and 5.

The aim of both the studies was to bring forth the impact of different drinks, including water, on consumption of vegetables. Combined Results

During the studies, it was noted that older participants, when given sweet drinks or something very fizzy, stumbled upon eating high calorie and salty food. On the other hand, the younger lot preferred fresh vegetables right after sipping water. However, if they were given soda instead of water, they too liked the junk more!

Filling up before a meal

If you are looking to shed a few extra kilos, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s advisable to sip up a tall glass of water before all meals. As common sense says, water quickly fills up the empty space and quietly cuts down calorie intake. This is the exact reason why Asian countries promote soup as their first course. Low on calories, it works to edge off extreme hunger pangs. Intelligent, I say!

So, the next time you sit to eat, don’t forget a glass of water by your side. Because we usually tend to associate water with healthy food habits—that will only go a very long way.

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