4 Food Items that must be avoided during Weight Loss

weights.23264446_stdWhen you are on a weight loss spree, you are supposed to eat foods that are rich in fiber and low on the calorie meter. This helps in losing weight by balancing the blood sugar and keeps you full on fewer calories.

You ought to avoid food items that are high on calories and low in nutrition since they that are culprits behind you weight gain, and they even affect your overall health condition. Sure thing, the weight loss supplements can help, but your diet and workout regime will mainly decide the ultimate effect of your weight loss campaign.

Vegetarians can try tofu (or paneer) and yogurt prepared at home, while non-vegetarians can eat chicken cooked in little oil, and egg whites. And, here are 4 food items to be avoided at all costs during a weight loss program.

Take the Complex Carbohydrates and Stay Away from Pastries!

Even though carbohydrates are present in fruits and milk, they are actually good for people who are reducing weight.

However, carbohydrates present in food items such as candy and pastries made with sugar can be detrimental for your weight loss campaign. Instead of eating these simple carbohydrates, eat more complex carbohydrates such as legumes, and whole grains, which your body takes longer to digest. Your blood sugar will be in stable condition as the food gets digested for a longer period and you will feel full for long period.

This will help you minimize the calorie intake, and lose your weight in a healthy way.

Fried Foods are a Big No-No!

You should completely avoid eating fried foods, especially snacks like French fries. American and Europeans eat more of this, around 30 pounds every year. This adds approximate calories of 48,500 and about 14 pounds of fat in your body. Fried foods have high calories due to the oil in the food, which increases the calories intake. Oily food or saturated fats help in increasing unhealthy saturated fat in your body.

Keep Junk Foods at Bay

Limit your habit of eating junk food. Junk food such as cheese balls, potato chips, buttered popcorn, Twinkies, and cookies have fewer calories and have simple carbohydrates. Foods with high sugar content can increase calories in your body and also increase blood sugar. Too much salt in food can fill your body with water and this contributes towards health problems like high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.

Say No to Booze!

Consumption of alcohol should be limited in your diet since it contains lot of calories. Men should limit it to one or two drinks in a day even during the occasional parties, while women should limit it to one drink per day at the most.

Only Weight Loss Supplements Can’t do Wonders

You may try thebest weight loss supplementin the market, but don’t expect them to do wonders unless you follow these tips, and also exercise regularly. There are no magical pills that can help you in losing way overnight, so it’s time to bring about some healthy changes to your lifestyle.

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