June 25, 2015

Supplements For Autism

The autistic spectrum disorder can inhibit the proper development of language, social and sensory motor skills in individuals. Statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), show that 1 in 88 children have been diagnosed with ASD. Research carried out by the Harvard Pediatric Gastroenterology Department shows that people with ASD have nutritional deficiencies. These supplements an help bridge this deficiency. Some of the vital vitamins ASD sufferers lack include vitamin B12, B1, B3, B5, B6, A, and D. if you have been diagnosed with ASD, minerals such as biotin, folate, essential fatty acids, and GLA are important. CDC estimates show that up to 75 percent of ASD sufferers receive nutritional supplementation. The following are some of the most important supplements for treating autistic disorders.

Essential Fatty Acids

These include omega-3 and omega-6. Research carried out at the University of Stirling in Scotland found that children with autism breakdown these fat compounds at a faster rate than other children. The researchers recommended a greater intake of fatty acids to replenish lost reserves. Another study carried at the University of Pavia in Italy found that omega-3 supplements can alter behavior in children with autism. The University of Arizona has also published a report detailing the importance of these lipids. Participants in the study showed significant improvements in learning and language skills. If you have young children with ASD at home, purchase the following supplements.


This is a supplement every parent should have at home. A study carried out by researchers at the Autism and Epilepsy Specialty Services in Illinois shows a lot of promise. Participants in the study were given 800 mg of carnosine for a period of eight weeks. After the trial period, participants were compared to a group that received a placebo. The group that received carnosine showed great improvements in visual recognition and language. You can get carnosine benefits from supplements for autism.


The intestinal tract is very important body organ. More than 80 percent of neurotransmissions emanate from the intestine. Infections and inflammations can inhibit nutrient absorption and digestion. This results in malnutrition. Antifungal agents and probiotics can help reduce yeast overgrowth in the colon.  Supplements for autism make it easy to modify diet for people with ASD. Probiotic agents do not have any negative side effects. Research on nutritional supplements for people with autism is ongoing. It is advisable to consult a qualified medical doctor if you have any doubts.

Niacin flushing for a better health

Vitamin b3

A new health phenomenon that becomes more and more popular is niacin flushing. Niacin flushing entails that you consciously consume an overdose of vitamin b3 (niacin).  But why would you want to do this? You might be wondering. Regular niacin flushing has the following benefits:

  • Speeds up the slimming process.
  • Grow back hair naturally.
  • Build muscle.

This article will explain how this is possible and how you can replicate these benefits for yourself too.

How it works

When you take in an overdose of niacin, through foods or supplements, your veins will instantly become a little wider. This greatly improves circulation. It gives your body a chance to get rid of toxic waste stored in the fatty tissues.  It was already known that by undergoing niacin flush regularly, you can improve your cholesterol. Recently, scientific research has shown that niacin flushing can also have other benefits for your health.

One example of this is that niacin flushing can help you to shred a few extra pounds. Niacin is no magic pill to lose weight instantly. But by consuming an overdose of niacin, your body will transform fat to energy, and this allows you to run a little longer or dome some exercises extra at the gym.

Niacin flushing also improves blood flow to the scalp. This process stimulates natural hair growth. Moreover, niacin flushing also halts the production of DHT, a sort of testosterone that often makes men bald.

Niacin flushing is also used by professional bodybuilders to improve their vascularity just prior to a contest. Vascularity is one of those things hat can give you a competitive advantage in such contests. However, niacin can also help you to build some extra muscle. Niacin stimulates the production of growth hormone. Growth hormone builds muscle and makes you stronger.  Normally, your body only produces higher amounts of growth hormone when you do very intense compound exercises like squats, bench press and deadlifts.

In order to experience all these niacin benefits, you will have to consume an amount of around 100 mg in a single day.

Overdosing Niacin

In order to achieve this overdose of niacin, you can do it in two ways:

  1. Natural, niacin dense foods.
  2. Supplements

Both methods are absolutely fine, but personally I really prefer natural foods, because these also contain other highly important micro-nutrients that improve general well-being and health.  Some foods that are high in niacin include: Champignons, tuna, chicken breast, tamari and yeast. The best brand for niacin supplements is Slo niacin. However, be sure to pick the ones with a relatively low amount of vitamin b3, because Slo niacin side effects can occur if you consume more than 3000 mg at once.