June 25, 2015

One Source Vitamins: Complete, Convenient, And Easier To Remember

It is well-known that most individuals do not get enough of the necessary daily nutrients through their diet alone. Pollution and processed foods, smoking, and drinking alcohol can deplete the body of nutrients as well, creating an even greater deficit and associated health problems. Many people take supplements to make up for the deficiencies, but with all of the conflicting information circulating about supplements one may find it confusing to choose the right kind. Taking individual capsules and pills can be expensive and, quite frankly, a pain. This is why multi-vitamins such as One Source vitamins are popular.

Most people are busy and prone to forgetting to take pills every day, especially if it is not a prescription. Using a Once Source vitamin formulated for one’s needs is much easier to remember. Since everyone’s nutritional needs are not the same, there are formulas for men, women, teens, children, and seniors. Those who play sports or exercise regularly will want to use a formula that is specific to active individuals. These supplements provide additional minerals that are used during rigorous activity and amino acids to help prevent injuries to muscles and connective tissues. Pregnant women need extra nutrients for the developing fetus, such as folic acid and iron. One Source prenatal vitamins contain all of the required elements that an expectant mom needs in a convenient daily dose. Many individuals, especially pregnant women, avoid supplements due to stomach complaints.  A single multi-vitamin is a better choice in this instance, and those who have difficulties tolerating them can take the supplement at night or with food to prevent nausea. That is difficult to do with a handful of separate pills.

Regardless of age, gender, activity level, or special needs, one can find the supplement he or she needs  by exploring the large selection of One Source vitamins. A balanced diet is always the best way to fulfill one’s nutritional needs, but the reality is that most people will not or cannot  adhere to this rule. One can help fill in the gaps created by an inadequate diet, advanced age, environment, bad habits and strenuous activities by using an appropriate daily supplement.