June 25, 2015

The mediterranean phenomenon

You might have heard of mediterranean diet already. What you might hear first about it is the claims that it promotes longevity or longer life span to people who practice the diet. Well, this diet can actually help you lengthen your life in some way or another. Mediterranean diet is one diet that people should at least try or learn about.

Mediterranean diet is based from a culture and people who live around the mediterranean basin. Certain countries like Spain, Italy, Morocco, Greece, etc. practice this kind of diet. The med diet is not only rich in taste but also rich in culture. It has been existent for centuries and we can say that most people who maintain the diet and the mediterranean lifestyle had lived quite longer lives.

The benefits of mediterranean diet is not of course longevity alone, I mean longevity is just a product of all the benefits of the diet combined into one. Of course, if you have lesser diseases and lesser issues in health then you probably live longer, right? This is how mediterranean affects your lifespan. Due to the healthy food items included in the diet, the combined effect benefits you a lot more. And for those who aspires to look good, mediterranean diet for weight loss is actually effective and reliable.

The food pyramid of med diet consist these foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, beans, legumes, nuts, lean protein source, fish oils and meat, sea foods, red wines, cheeses, herbs and a lot more. Basically they promote a non synthetic and processed free food items and preparations. This characteristic of the diet eliminates the unhealthy elements, definitely good in controlling weight and avoiding diseases.

The diseases that are prevented are diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. As you’ve noticed, these are the leading causes of death in major countries like America. With too much fast food products and other unhealthy lifestyle, development of disease is likely. But with mediterranean diet, you actually get away from these things. You maintain a healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy foods and a somehow passive living. You might want to try it and discover what the craze is all about.