June 25, 2015

A Possible New Cure For Baldness and HIV

Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles, also known as UCLA, came to us with great news in the last months. Finally, after decades over decades of trying to fight with the HIV AIDS disease, they seem to have found a cure, which brings much hope to humanity and mankind. From the same university, UCLA, also comes another great study which claims to find a cure for baldness, which also gives hope to many of the bald people all over the world. Let’s examine the two possible cures and see what the whole hype is about.

In the first research, the scientists tried to study an anti stress hormone in lab mice, and upon their return, a few months later, they were surprised to find out that not only that the old mice completely regrew their hair, but younger mice as well were prevented from the disease at first place, and did not develop any hair loss later on, contrary to what the scientists have expected. This study gives a lot of hope to many people worldwide, and the group of researchers have already registered a patent for their new discovery, for the intention of providing bald people with a remedy, a few years from now. Only time will tell, though.

The second research comes from the University of California in Los Angeles as well. After trying to study a leukemia treatment in patient Timothy Brown, the scientists managed to also cure him out of HIV. Right now, Timothy is the only person ever to have fully recovered from the HIV AIDS virus, and things look promising for sure. The researchers were absolutely shocked to find out that their stem cell transplant (bone marrow), that they gave him, also eventually led to a new cure for HIV discovery, which is a huge breakthrough.

Only time will tell if these two new discoveries are worth the hype they are generating, and I personally believe that in two to three years, we should be able to see how it went from there, and the world is all hope for these treatments to work, especially the HIV one, since it is such a lethal and fatal disease.