Substitute Mundane Plain Water with These Healthy Beverage Substitutions

We all know—water is good! Yes, eight glasses it is; no more than 100 oz though. But what about water is getting boring? Or so to say: not tingling your taste buds enough—which of course is the case with most of us!

To substitute mundane plain water, we have a few alternate healthy suggestions:

Herbal teas

So much variety of herbal teas is available that you will literally be spoilt for choice. Besides, you can even prepare them at home. A medley of everything natural, herbal tea is quick way to de-stress. Here’s an easy home-made recipe to get you started: pour a cup of boiling water over a few strands of grated ginger. Allow to brew and finish with a tiny swirl of honey. Delish, I say!


This healing beverage contains beneficial bacteria and yeast. Mix mother of mushroom or SCOBY (symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast), with sugared water, allow it to culture a little and you get a Kombucha. You can further ferment the drink with fruit, herbs or a flavor you cherish.

Water kefir

This one’s similar to Kombucha and contains a variety of beneficial bacteria and yeast. Water kefirs are basically grains that are allowed to culture in sugared water at room temperature. The drink then undergoes a second round of fermentation with juice, fresh fruits and herbs. You can even add a dash of flavor to make it more interesting.

Whole milk

Chock-full of everything healthy, the incredible beverage can be enjoyed raw or twisted with any flavor.

Spa water Spa water is luxurious and very posh. The elegant drink simply spruces-up the regular water with fruit, herb or any other natural infusion. You can muddle a lemon, mint leaves and a handful of strawberries to get spa water that is extremely refreshing.

Sparkling water Something’s are just liked bubbly, and sparkling water is a must try! It is not just healthy, but also surpasses hunger cravings. Try flavoring your sparkling water with natural ingredients and herbs. See the magic!

Coconut water

Coconut water is a refreshing way to substitute plain drinking water. You can either buy the ones that are easily available at all stores, or do a little effort to make your own.

Homemade coconut milk

When you blend fresh cut coconut with warm water and strain it through a muslin cloth, you get a creamy homemade coconut milk that is simply awesome.


Incorporate these in your breakfast and notice the benefits. To prepare them is rather simple and you would only need smooth yogurt, little honey, flavor and some fresh fruits or veggies.

I say, switch it up and feel the difference!

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