Sip Away Your Stress: The Most Relaxing Teas

imagesTea has been a resource for improving health since ancient times. Especially in Asian cultures, wellness has been promoted for thousands and thousands of years by using tea as a stress-reliever, healing medicine, sustenance, and the center of ritual ceremonies.

Though stress and anxiety are typically prescribed solutions today, there are many better alternatives to psychiatric medications, with far fewer side effects. Anti-anxiety medications are known to elevate a person’s risk of death by 36 percent… yikes. With such statistics, it is worth a look into the natural ways to manage the stress of everyday life and of a serious anxiety disorder.

Anyone who has experienced stress can relate to needing a little help winding down from how they’re feeling. Here are the best teas, on medical and naturopathic recommendation, to get your body on its way to reducing anxiety, relaxing, and recovering from long-term effects of stress.

Top Teas for Relaxation


With origins from the Native Americans of the Southern U.S., passionflower contains chrysin, a flavone proven to lower stress levels. Prepare by infusing 1 tablespoon of dried passionflower in 1 cup of boiling water. Consume at the end of the day to provide a solid night’s rest.


Derived from traditional Indian medicine, this herb is classified as an adaptogen, which means it slows production of stress-producing hormones in order to stave off anxiety. Instead of feeling increased aggression or the need to escape, adaptogens can ease the body into relaxation. Ashwangandha also provide powerful antioxidants as an added benefit.

Again, recommended to take before bed, as there is a noticeable slowing down of your energy levels. It is recommended for people who have experienced great emotional and physical stress, as well as those who suffer from insomnia.


In tea form, this herb, also called Siberian Ginseng or eleuthero, features components that help your body deal with stress more adequately. It also improves circulation, increases mental and physical abilities, and gives you greater ability to balance your stress. Eleuthero tea may also contribute to a stronger immune system.

Unlike the previous two teas, eleuthero is suggested to be sipped in the morning and/or afternoon. It is also considered an adaptogen, and studies have shown a significant heart rate reduction during stressful times. It is most highly recommended for Type A personalities and people with poor immune health.

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