New Study Finds Potential Genetic Mutation Against Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is one disease that has torn up millions of families the world over. While there has yet to be a cure to be found against this degenerative disease, it seems like there’s a light being shone on this dark tunnel, thanks to recent scientific findings.

According to the latest research conducted by a team of scientists from Iceland, headed by Kári Stefánsson, deCODE Genetics chief executive, and published recently in the Nature journal, there exists a genetic mutation that can help prevent the disease from affecting people.

The study centralized on the amyloid-beta precursor protein (APP), which has been commondly associated with the disease. There has been much contest about what APP really does for Alzheimer’s – is it a stimulant of the disease, or is it a mere offshoot of it? What is certain is that APP is responsible for the plaque build-up in the brain, that is a telltale sign of Alzheimer’s.

The APP Study

For the study, the scientists rounded up 1,800 elderly patients, comparing their complete genome sequences. Here, they found that a mutation in a gene producing APP tends to slow down the formation of the intrusive plaque formation by as much as 40%. Furthermore, those who do have this mutation are more likely to avoid contracting Alzheimer’s up to their 85 years of age. Other age-related effects, such as a decline in cognitive skills, were also seen to be less prominent.

Despite the celebratory mood, however, this genetic mutation, it seems, is a very rare one, being only present in just 1 of every 100,000 people. Nonetheless, while there still is a long way to go in the development of a cure that will directly target Alzheimer’s, this study is considered to be a breakthrough of sorts, a huge boost for the scientists aiming to develop a more compact method to combat the cognitive disease. In the meantime, it would be ideal if you set up a consultation with your doctor, so that you could be properly guided as to how you can avoid Alzheimer’s.

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