May 11, 2013

Medical Clinic In Cleveland TN Designs Custom Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss improves health by easing the demands placed on the body, but losing unwanted pounds frustrates anxious dieters. Medical dieting programs offer healthy nutrition, custom-tailored diet and exercise regimens, and the personal encouragement dieters need to succeed.

Cleveland, Tennessee – July 19, 2012 – Obese patients suffer from high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, circulatory problems, and diabetes. Oddly enough, overweight people also bear economic problems because statistics show that overweight patients spend thousands more on health care than thin people.

Dieters try fad diets and spend money on programs that seldom work. Frankly, magic formulas to shed weight do not exist. The body stores surplus calories as fat, and when dieters eat less than their energy needs, the stored fat makes up the shortfall. If people consume more than the body burns, they gain weight. People shed those spare tires when they eat fewer calories than needed. The loss only occurs if people cut down on how much they eat, increase their energy output, or change the types of foods they eat.

The process might be simple, but actually losing weight remains an elusive goal. Unlike bad habits, people cannot go cold turkey. Eating behavior touches all parts of people’s lives. Food gives comfort and relieves stress, so changing eating habits proves very hard. Medical supervision provides distinct benefits for people wanting to shed those extra pounds. Clinic employees have the nutritional knowledge to plan sustainable diets. Clinic staff members help motivate anxious patients and watch over their health.

A new medical clinic in Cleveland TN understands dieters’ problems and helps design programs to work for everyone. Dr. Angela St. John, DC, recently expanded her chiropractic practice to treat wellness issues by adding new treatment options for families. In addition to chiropractic care and nutritional advice, the St. John Medical Practice now offers primary care services, sports medicine, and minor surgeries to remove warts, skin tags, and moles. Services include walk-in medical treatments to better serve the Cleveland community. The clinic features affordable family care by a fully qualified oversight doctor and nurse practitioner.

Contact: – 55 Mouse Creek Road NE, Cleveland, TN 37312 – Telephone: 423-478-8989

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