Kidney Stone Treatments For Men: What Every Man Should Know

Kidney stones, also termed to as renal stones affect men and women both. These are simply crystallized masses that form in the urinary system as a result of calcium surplus in the blood stream. These stones can take a couple of weeks to form or even up to many years as the stones grow in size as time goes by. When they become large enough, they can wedge up the urethra and thus result in a couple of urinary tract infections. It is important to note that these stones do vary in size; some of them are too small such that they can even be passed by the host without him noticing. Again, the different sizes of kidney stones require different types of treatments.

When kidney stones become large in size, they can easily block urine flow; this state can be pretty much painful and agonizing. Such a case exposes the sufferer and makes them susceptible to kidney diseases and urinary tract infections. If you are a woman out there, you should learn about various kidney stone treatments for men so you don’t have to face such pains.


There are various disorders which can influence kidney stones: gout, cystinuria and also urinary tract infections. People that have got a family history of this medical condition are more apt or likely to get kidney stones.


The symptoms do vary depending on the sufferer, stone size, and the pattern in which the stones move. The most common symptoms include excruciating pains in the abdomen, back and groin. Other elements such as nausea, chills and vomiting can occur as a result of the infection of the urinary tract.

Remedies and kidney stone treatments for men:

Drinking lots of water is perhaps the basic but also the most effective treatment for kidney stones. Water helps to flush the body; it inhibits the calcium buildup and also assists in passing the stones out of the body.

There are vegetables which are known to contain high levels of oxalates; these promote kidney stones and thus have to be avoided at all costs. Again, people who have a family history for suffering uric stones, strawberries, beets, cola, coffee, and spinach have to be eliminated from diets. Animal proteins promote high levels of uric acid in the blood stream.

There are various types of medicines available in chemists that you can use to dissolve these stones and eventually pass them out. In case of advanced or large stones that cannot be treated with conventional medicines, surgery would be an option to consider. However, it should be noted that surgery should be just as it is, the point of last resort.

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