An Elementary Yet Valid Idea: Maintain Health (and Youth) With Activity

imagesToo obvious? Surely it doesn’t seem groundbreaking to suggest physical activity to anyone attempting to avoid health problems. However, there are still millions Americans who still haven’t caught the drift.

With a profusion of medical conditions related to lethargy and careless grazing affecting the United States, it’s evident our overall health is still deteriorating. Obesity, diabetes, and lack of exercise have all increased over the past year.

While a smaller percentage of the nation is extremely health-conscious, the same consumers still buy into the fear of old age. Your brain power, skin, vision, and just about everything else are at risk… and some miracle berry or product is going to be the answer. The anti-aging market is surely prevalent, but you can just as easily avoid the money trap by maintaining your health.

Physical Evidence

A study by Canadian researchers published in 2011 showed remarkable findings, which will come as no surprise to any proponent of exercise: activity slows aging dramatically. Therefore, if you’re already incorporating bike rides or walks into your routine, you’re on the right path to well-being and preventing the undesirable effects of aging.

The group of mice in the study who exercised were far more energetic (and less gray) than the group who did not. Further differences between the groups were presented in health and ability to function – the active mice had more hair, stronger muscles, and virtually unchanged brains and hearts compared to the sedentary mice.

Biology and Betterment

When translated into human terms, the researchers suggest that sufficient, even moderate, exercise can keep people alive longer, and running like clockwork. Physical activity promotes cell and mitochondrial growth necessary for all the body’s functions, from kidneys to skin, which allows for less illness, among other perks.

Mitochondria which are no longer healthy die and wither, providing the body with symptoms of old age. Keeping each of your systems in check helps stave off your risk of cervical cancer at age 40, prostate cancer at 50, and a slew of other conditions. In order to prevent these conditions, those mitochondria need a boost.

As my friend’s grandparents are in their mid-90s, still racing in bike marathons and going strong, the research seems right on point.

Move Towards An Improved Self

The fight against aging entails a more holistic approach than a night cream or a host of supplements. Enter the mindset that every part of yourself (not just the outside) needs to be healthy.

Of course, nourishing yourself with the right nutrients is essential to pair with activity. Organic and natural foods have never been more available or affordable, and feel incomparably better than the processed alternatives.

If you have yet to enter combat against aging, there are many, many ways to do so. Walking and biking commutes, classes, hiking, taking up a new sport, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors all provide an excellent source of movement.

Discover what works best for you, and put a hold on medical conditions, physical decline, and anything else you may be worried about as your next birthday creeps up.

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