March 5, 2012

7 Food Preservatives That You Must Avoid

Bread, margarine, juice, wine, aren’t these food items you eat often? Did you know that these basic food items could bring about countless problems to human health including cancer, weak immune systems, and even mobility concerns requiring wheelchair accessories for daily activities? Yes and it is all because of the use of harmful preservatives. These days, preservatives (which are actually meant to preserve food) are found in high concentration in not only fancy convenient food items, but in all regular foods that we consume day and night.

Read through the following and understand some of the most common preservatives and their harmful outcomes:

Benzoates: It causes allergies and can damage brain cells. It is commonly found in sodas, fruit juices, flour, beer, margarine, some shampoos and even dog food.

Bromates: These may lead to diarrhea. It is also believed to null the nutrients present in food and is found in almost all types of breads. Lately, it was discovered in a popular bottled water too which resulted in the recall of the product. (As you read this you’re checking the bottled water in your drink holder aren’t you? Good.)

BHA and BHT (Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene): It is suspected to be a carcinogen that generates cancerous cell. Commonly, it is found in canned meats, beer and snack items.

Mono- and Di-glycerides: It leads to birth defects as well as some cancers. Most snack items such as cookies, candies, pies, cakes, peanut butter, vegetables with sauce, margarines and dry roasted nuts all contain this chemical.

Nitrates and Nitrites: It is used for preserving meat and is believed to cause Cancer.

Propyl gallate: It initiates birth defects and damage to liver. It is present in everything including chewing gum, pickles, sauce, vegetables and most meat products.

Sulfites: It brings about allergies, headaches, heart palpitations and cancer too. It is found hidden in corn syrup, cornstarch, wine vinegar, wine, and dried fruits.

Hence, try and avoid frozen, dried, hydrated, canned and boxed foods and beverages and consume only fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood etc. in their place. Additionally, while picking any food product that contains an expiry date irrespective of whether it is frozen, dried, hydrated, canned, boxed or even fresh, check the label in detail and make certain it does not include any dangerous preservatives even in minute level. Take care and be watchful, life is precious, isn’t it?

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