November 25, 2015

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Health Risks for Gamers – Be Wary!

Today’s modern gamer spends more and more time in front of the screen. Games are more interesting, more exciting, more engaging, and just over all more fun than their predecessors. In addition, the advent of world-wide multi-player gaming makes it possible to play skilled opponents from anywhere in the world at any time of day. […]


Proven and Easiest Way to Beat Off Stress

So it seems that laughing is the only form of language common and known to all humans. Everyone laughs at a good joke thrown or a good movie watched over together. While you know that you are simply laughing for the joy of what you read, watched or heard, laughing can really be the medicine […]


The Growth of Innovative Lab Automation Equipment to Grow Through 2017

Laboratory automation is used for development and research in industries from farming to pharmaceuticals. According to BCC Research, the increased used of laboratory automation equipment is expected to grow through 2017. It is expected there will be a need for $1 billion in lab automation equipment to meet the expanding needs of all types of […]


Curing Cancer: Alternative Vs Mainstream Medicine

Many cancer survivors will atest to the fact that their medication program generated considerably more discomfort and agony when compared to the disease itself. This fact, bear in mind, is very common in cases where unnatural therapies are implemented. All of these drug based treatment programs are detrimental to the patient’s health, to say the […]


The latest breakthrough in Resveratrol

Resveratrol is the component derived from Red Wine that was identified as the contributing factor to Red wine’s health benefit. According to the French paradox, French has a very fattening diet however cases of heart disease are very rare in this country. It was later attributed to their regular consumption of red wine. Scientist then […]


Encourage healthier food choices by drinking water

When we talk about health and food, what comes forth is the chemical make-up of nutrients, constituting various food sources. A larger chunk of health issues arises right at this place. So basically, it’s not just the food we eat that determines our health, but it’s more about consumption behaviors. Just like connoisseurs of fine […]


4 Food Items that must be avoided during Weight Loss

When you are on a weight loss spree, you are supposed to eat foods that are rich in fiber and low on the calorie meter. This helps in losing weight by balancing the blood sugar and keeps you full on fewer calories. You ought to avoid food items that are high on calories and low […]


Why Oral Health Is Important for your General Health?

There was a doctor when I was a kid, who use to check my teeth and stomach even if I had a fever, really?This makes sense to me now after knowing that our oral health has close relation with overall health of our body. This has been proved by many studies and the data from […]


Studies Show Garcinia Cambogia Fruit May Aid in Weight Loss

The fruit Garcinia cambogia, native to certain parts of Africa and Asia has found its way back into the spotlight due to a glowing recommendation by Television personality Dr. Oz Memet. Also known as Gambooge, the fruit has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples for cooking and traditional medicine for gastrointestinal problems as well […]